Erasmus Mundus
European Net of Excellence on Computational Logic
European Net of Excellence
on Computational Logic
the Assoc. of Logic, Language and Information
European Assoc. of Logic,
Language and Information
Portuguese Assoc. for Artificial Intelligence
Portuguese Assoc. for
Artificial Intelligence
IBM Center for Advanced Studies
IBM Center for
Advanced Studies
European  Committee for Artificial Intelligence
European Committee
for Artificial Intelligence
Italian Assoc. for Artificial Intelligence
Italian Assoc. for
Artificial Intelligence
Italian Assoc. for Informatics
AICA: Italian Assoc.
for Informatics
Italian Assoc. for Logic and its Applications
AILA: Italian Assoc. for
Logic and its Applications

EMCL: European Masters Program in
Computational Logic

The Location: South Tyrol and the Dolomites mountains

The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, founded in 1997, boasts modern premises in the centre of Bozen-Bolzano. The environment is multilingual, South Tyrol being a region where three languages are spoken: German, Italian and Ladin. Studying in a multilingual area has shown that our students acquire the cutting edge needed in the international business world. Many of our teaching staff hails from abroad. Normal lectures are complemented with seminars, work placements and laboratory work, which give our students a vocational as well as theoretical training, preparing them for their subsequent professional careers. Studying at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano means, first and foremost, being guided all the way through the student's educational career.

Bozen-Bolzano, due to its enviable geographical position in the centre of the Dolomites, also offers our students a multitude of opportunities for spending their free-time. The city unites the traditional with the modern. Young people and fashionable shops throng the city centre where ancient mercantile buildings are an attractive backdrop to a city that is in continual growth. To the south there is the industrial and manufacturing area with prosperous small and medium-sized businesses active in every economic sector. Back in the 17th century Bozen-Bolzano was already a flourishing mercantile city that, thanks to its particular geographic position, functioned as a kind of bridge between northern and southern Europe. As a multilingual town and a cultural centre Bozen-Bolzano still has a lot to offer today. Its plethora of theatres, concerts with special programmes, cinemas and museums, combined with a series of trendy night spots that create local colour make Bozen-Bolzano a city that is beginning to cater for its increasingly demanding student population. And if you fancy a very special experience, go and visit the city's favourite and most famous resident - "Oetzi", the Ice Man of Similaun, housed in his very own refrigerated room in the recently opened archaeological museum.

Bozen-Bolzano and its surroundings are an El Dorado for sports lovers: jogging on the grass alongside the River Talfer-Talvera, walks to Jenesien-S. Genesio and on the nearby Schlern-Sciliar plateau, excursions and mountain climbing in the Dolomites, swimming in the numerous nearby lakes and, last but not least, skiing and snow-boarding in the surrounding ski areas.

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