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Student Testimonials


Read what our students say about the EMCL in Bozen-Bolzano

One of the best ways to learn about the EMCL is from former students.
So far (from 2004 to early 2007), the European Masters program in Computational Logic at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano had 43 successful students, while the whole consortium had 107 students in total.
Below are testimonials from EMCL alumni.
Enjoy learning about the program through their experiences.


Sergio Pacheco Sanchez (Mexico)

EMCL at Bozen-Bolzano: very tough, very intense and very rewarding year, definitely one of the best years of my life!

The EMCL programme at Bozen-Bolzano offers an excellent balance between studies, friendly and stimulating atmosphere for research, great spirit of collaboration between Academic staff and students, all surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape at the foothills of the Italian Alps.

The EMCL programme provided me a deep insight into the foundations of the Semantic Web: a wide interdisciplinary field having its theoretical and practical roots in Logics, Mathematics and AI. Bozen-Bolzano is definitely the best place to get to grips with this new challenging and promising area!

Ekaterina Lebedeva (Russia)

University's Life. There are both practically and theoretically oriented courses offered by the Faculty of Computer Science at FUB. The accurate organization of a workflow allows students to comprehend and manage well several courses simultaneously. Professors are always open for questions and ready to explain in details the most difficult moments, therefore helping to reach the required high level of acquirements. Upon the interest of a student Professors are pleased to recommend extra-literature for reading and to arrange a meeting for discussing a topic deeply.

There were series of seminars and a PhD summer school organized by the Faculty. I attended all of them and was really satisfied with the organization and the level of events. It was a great opportunity for me not only to extend my knowledge in Computational Logic, but also to get a comprehensive overview of other topics in Computer Science. Being accepted to the PhD summer school I met young researches from other Universities. That was an invaluable experience to discuss different research topics and share ideas, which reinforced my motivation to continue academic career.

Social Life. In spite the fact that I came first to Bolzano among other 2005-2006 EMCL students, university staff was very helpful arranging everything that was needed to solve bureaucratic matters individually for me. Upon arriving of other students, a welcome meeting was organized, where Professors were introduced to us. The process of adaptation at the University was not difficult for me thankful to constant assistance of the International Office, Professors of the Computer Science Faculty and help of new friends.

The social life, particularly sport life, is very active at FUB. There were many sport-events organized by Sports Club of the University Bolzano (SCUB). We played volleyball, went swimming with other members of SCUB regularly. Besides, due to the location of Bolzano in the centre of the Dolomites, we used to ski in winter. At the spring time and summer we went climbing. The perfect geographical location and the atmosphere of South Tyrol creates good opportunities to keep-fit and, of course, to meet people.

Thankful to International Office of the University, EMCL students were living at the same student hall. Therefore, we had met before the academic year started, which helped to adapt more easily to the new environment and start university-life. Most of the time we spend together, discussing our research interests, sharing ideas and helping each other with studies.

Luca Quaglia (Italy)

I don't remember where but of course I remember when I have read about EMCL for the first time. It was the beginning of my second (of 3) year of bachelor. At that time I didn't even know that there was a university in Bolzano but I soon realized that such a kind of Master would be very close to my interests. After more than one year, in March 2006, I remembered about that and, looking on the website of Unibz, I saw that the first call for students was open. In that moment I was going to the end of my bachelor but I was not so happy with my former university. So I decided to send to send the request for admission and try to get into EMCL. Only when I knew I was in I realized that my life would have changed in few months. I graduated at the end of September and a week after I was in another city, hundreds of kilometers far from my hometown, attending a new university. It was a weird sensation.

Now I think that it was a very good choice, one of the best in my life. Really. During the year I have studied many things (of course, it's a master!) and even the most theoretical courses showed to have an application: they were not only useless theory (that was a persistent sensation in my bachelor). All the environment of the university has been helpful and available, as I have never seen before, from the administrative staff to the professors. Moreover, Bolzano is one of the best city to live in Italy. The available accommodations are nice so at the end the quality of student's life at FUB is really high. And now, after this beautiful first year, I'm ready to change city again. This time I will also change country (first time in my life) but now I'm ready to tackle such a new situation. Now I have grown.

Lina Lubyte (Lithuania)

The year (2004) that I've spent at Free University of Bolzano has been really rich for the experience I've gained both as a student and as a person. Of course, the latter sounds banal, and the ingredients for making this experience rich are not original as well :) As an ex-participant of EMCL programme, I'd outline two things that were crucial in gaining positive experience: efficiency at university and pleasant stay.

Regarding efficiency, first of all, interaction with professors was surprisingly easy. They were available either for "pass by" meetings or by fixing an appointment before couple of days. Second, university has a huge library (as for such a small university) with all books needed for studies (and not only!) and comfortable places for studying. Third, the faculty secretariat was always ready to answer all the questions related with the study plan, enrollment to exams, etc directly, and without waiting a queue for several hours!

Living in Bolzano was really fun. The surroundings provide plenty of activities in every season of the year: skiing, sledge-riding, hiking, climbing, biking, etc etc. Also, my course-mates were coming from all sides of the world, so we used to share cultural and, especially, culinary experiences :) There was no time to get bored! After all, Italian wine, coffee, ice cream and Italian in general simply inspire a great affection!

Yansen Darmaputra (Indonesia)

When I got news that I was granted scholarship to take EMCL at Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (FUB), at first I thought: "Where is Bolzano?". OK, it is true that it is me, myself, that choose FUB. However, when I applied, I merely chose FUB because I liked the EMCL courses offered by FUB. But now I had some doubts whether FUB is the right choice or not.

The show must go on, and I found that from the pre-departure, up to my arrival at Bolzano, the International Relations Office and Faculty Secretariat were really helpful in giving information. They guided me step by step to prepare departure, apply for visa, fill academic administration, arrange accommodation, etc.

Starting study at FUB, at first I had some difficulties to understand the courses, because what I had studied in my Bachelor of Electrical Engineering is quite different from what are taught in EMCL. However, the nice things about FUB professors are that they are really determined in teaching and give explanations if you don't understand. They are very easy to be met (using office hours) or reached by email.

The four-story FUB library contains so many reference books so that you will always have something to read. FUB also provides links to some websites where you can update yourself with the newest scientific publication, paper, or journal. The wireless connection all over the university ensures that you can easily connect to Internet, everywhere around university.

Choosing FUB as your destination to study EMCL is really a choice you should make. The combination of world-class professors in their field, high-level of teaching, and various facilities provided by FUB will surely shape you to be a world-class logician.

Evgeny Kharlamov (Russia)

There are two things I like most about the FUB: a very nice atmosphere for studies/rest and the facilities.

The faculty of CS is a small one and there are like 10-15 students subscribed to classes in average. This gives opportunities for more individual work of professors with students. Professors are open for discussions, flexible and propose interesting topics for students' projects.

Bolzano is a compact city. This helped me not to loose time and energy in public transport to reach places. Living in a student hall I could reach the university, students' canteen, swimming pool, food stores, etc. just in 3-10 minutes.

There are lots of opportunities for sport activities at the university. One can become a member of the Sport club of the FUB (SCUB) and participate in yoga, swimming, skiing, hiking, tennis, etc. All the activities are almost for free. I went to do swimming with SCUB and paid 15 Eur for a semester.

The university is very well equipped. There is a good library, projectors in each study room, wireless connection. There are almost no problems in getting good new book on the CS subjects.

Mohammad Aminur Rashid (Bangladesh)

After 1-year study in Dresden, Germany my second year was fixed to be at the Free University of Bolzano in Italy. Although I am a non-European student, I got the Visa without any trouble. I was fascinated at the sight and scene of Bolzano. I never had experienced of watching big mountains so closely.

After my arrival, there was a welcome party and some formalities. The International Office helped us with some official matters like police registration, paying taxes and other non-academic activities. The University campus is near to the city center and also close to the railway station. The city is small and it is well connected by a confortable bus service.

The most important part of my study was the 24-hour Internet facility and a well- organized library with large collection of books. The computer laboratories also provide good support in order to work all day long. The course plan for our program also seems well balanced and up-to-date.

By providing wireless LAN connection within the campus for students and long time study time in library help the students do their study efficiently. Moreover during the weekend the students go for hiking to nearest mountain or travel to other beautiful cities of Italy with a low price.

The lectures given at the classroom gave me lot of inspiration to study in details every course. The Professors and instructors in Bolzano are very good to explain the things well. I found my program more interesting than before. However I still have to finish my thesis and project from this university. I hope I can do better with the guidance of the skilled people from the university.

Frederico Franzosi (Brazil)

As a foreigner student, EMCL's first year studies have been a good experience. The whole degree proposal is very well followed in the most relevant courses taken and the overall practice with logic does pushes one to a higher level comprehension of systematically work with logic.

Concerning Bolzano as a city. I would say that it is a pleasant city in terms of: weather, as the sun is shining lots of day; location, as it is close to mountains, as well as some good places to visit in Europe in the spare time; natural environment, as the city is of trees and vegetation all over the places especially near to the historical center.